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january hair 2010 photos (11)

My mainstay wash and go with Aveda’s Be Curly

Be Curly is hit or miss every single day. Sometimes I get good curl definition, sometimes I don't... but I get the dull look every time (without fail).

You can see there are some curls in the back, but the majority of my hair doesn't have much curl to it... yet I wear this style over and over again.

The front has a tendency to look really bad in this style, so rocking the headbands become an imperative.

Wash and Go attempt with Kinky Curly

The kinky curly curling custard definitely gives my hair a nice sheen but it just looks horrible on the relaxed part of my hair.

I clearly need more natural hair for this product... my relaxed hair looks so stringy and crunchy. And yes, I left my house with with this hair. Didn't have the time to start all over again!

The ends were so bad (stringy and crunchy) in the front, that I had to improvise and twist the front to hide the crappiness.

I will say this. Be Curly never makes my natural hair have this kind of sheen. I can't wait for more curly hair so this product can really do its magic.

Semi Success with Twist Outs

Check out the post for these pics over on my main page.

I definitely like the control look of these curls. Right now I have 90% relaxed hair and 10% natural hair so it's hard to find curly styles that work on my relaxed hair.

My attempt to show the back... when I do my usual "wash and go" look, the back always looks so stringy so these twist outs were a nice change.

An extreme close up of the front. I had to pull the front back because the ends in the front were very straight and stringy-looking.

The Great Divide

When I part my hair, it is clear to me how much my hair has thinned out because there never used to be this great divide in my scalp as there is now. I'm hoping my new hair care regimen will help with this.

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