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february hair 2010 photos (11)

Henna anyone?

So I took my first stab at henna and I'm loving the results. My hair definitely got a nice red sheen to it and my grays are now a coppery red!

CurlyNikki’s Twist and Curl Success!

I did the usual two strand twist and then added the small flexi rods so that my relaxed ends would get some curl.

Thank goodness I got 2 packs of the flexirods. I barely had enough. Some of the twists were difficult to latch on to the rods but I made it work. This was also after my first self-trim... I was trying all kinds of new things that night.

ok, so i'm the dork with the bluetooth in my ear but this was the best side view shot I took of my first success!

I honestly don't know how I go back to wash and gos after this... such a huge difference. But let's see what happens with 2nd day hair... stay tuned.

Second Day Hair!!!

I have finally conquered my horrible bed head to create a style on the second day. Now there are some ladies out there who can go 3-4 days, but I'm not gonna push it. I'll just revel in my 2nd day hair!

A little close up of the curls that survived the night. The left side curls were pretty smooshed so I had to improvise with swooping them over to the right.

Just another angle of this style... it's amazing what you can create on the fly!

Flat Twists Love

Can we discuss all my curly roots coming in??? I LOVE IT!!! I can't keep my hands out of my kinky curly roots! Click on the picture to get a close up of my curls!

Here's the final product. I am loving all my new hair accessories!

Look how short these curls make my hair... yikes! But I love it. This would be my dream length for my big chop... we'll just have to wait and see though.

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  1. la tabou permalink
    March 5, 2010 3:04 pm

    your hair is looking healthier and healthier by the month. biotin (mineral), horsetail (herb), and oils such as chia, hemp, or flax seed taken internally will help promote strong, shiny hair growth 🙂

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