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My Commitment to Me

September 22, 2010

Today I start a new job that’s going to be challenging, exciting and probably time consuming. You’ve all heard me talk about how intense 2009 was for me from a job perspective and my 12+  hour days and working weekends. You’ve also listened to me blame my previous job for a lot… why I gained so much weight, my lack of dating, etc. In a nutshell, my life fell apart last year and my job was the culprit.

Wrong. Very wrong. And I am now just realizing this.

My best friend was in town this weekend and I asked her how am I going to keep a healthy balance in my life now that I’m starting another job with crazy hours.  After a long conversation, I realized two things.

First, my life fell apart last year not because of my job but because of me. I gave up. Yeah, I had very little time outside of work but the little time I had, I squandered.  I had no motivation to do the smallest things like go through my mail. Let alone the big things. After time, the small things I allowed to slide became daunting tasks to address.  Like 6 months of mail collecting dust in a large Zappos box. Or my slow but inevitable weight gain.

Second, if I’m going to make this time different- I’m going to have to commit to a routine from the beginning and hold myself accountable. So here’s my commitment list:

  • Will do laundry weekly.
  • Will keep my apartment clean enough for an unexpected visitor.
  • Will floss and wash my face at night before going to bed.
  • Will exercise 4 times a week.
  • Will go to pilates twice a week.
  • Will find time to blog.
  • Will check my mail.
  • Will go to the supermarket weekly.
  • Will pack a lunch and snacks each work day.

A lot of these things seem like small potatoes, but the accumulation of doing none of these things (which was my 2009) creates one depressed Roxy.

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