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Two Days of My New “Normal” Ain’t So Bad

September 16, 2010

A couple days ago I shared with ya’ll I’d be facing some challenges to honor my fullness.  Well, I’m here to tell you that I passed!  Now, now… I may not get an A+, but I definitely deserve a B- at the very least and right now, I’ll take it.

The lunch went well.  I was nervous because I was going to a fancy restaurant where I’d feel compelled to finish everything on my plate because of the price and the fact that I wouldn’t be frequenting this establishment so I had to get it all in then.  Well, no worries here… this was the kind of fancy restaurant that serves you a pea on a plate and calls it a meal!  It wasn’t that bad… but my lunch did come out on a pretty small plate but I have to say, I was full at the end so it all worked out. 🙂  So I get an A for my lunch challenge but I recognize I had some assistance from the restaurant.

The restaurant for dinner (my 2nd challenge of the day) did not provide similar assistance BUT I also did better than I have done before.  This restaurant is one of my favorites and you (well, I) can get full off of just their bread alone… so yummy!  There have been times where I have left this restaurant in the past eating so past my fullness that I was physically uncomfortable.  So a couple nights ago, I went to this restaurant hoping that I could honor my fullness and stop eating when I was no longer hungry.  I got close… but didn’t quite reach my goal.  I gave myself a C for dinner, because I never got to the point of physical discomfort.  Yes, I overate… but more in the normal range of overeating if that makes any sense.  That kind of overeating that we all do versus the overeating I’ve been known to do.

So Tuesday was an overall success.  And I was so proud of my self imposed B- that I decided to keep it up yesterday!  I had 3 meals on Wednesday and at each meal, I did not feel overstuffed or that I overate… and it would have been easy for me to do last night.  When you’re having dinner in the privacy of your own home with no one watching how much or what you’re eating, all hell could break loose (I speak from experience).

On a slightly different note, I’ve been toying with the idea of tracking my calories again through Spark People.  My fancy new phone allows me to do many things including tracking my calories in real time.  If I did track my calories, my goal would not be to restrict myself to a specific amount of calories as much as to get a better understanding of how many calories I’m eating.  Knowledge is power, right?  But in many ways, I feel like this flies in the face of everything I know about intuitive eating so far.  No decision made yet, but I’m definitely toying with the idea.

I’ve got a long way to go before honoring my fullness truly becomes as normal to me as brushing my teeth, but I’m going to keep on trying.  Here’s to hoping Thursday goes as well as Tuesday and Wednesday.

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