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Finding My Normal

September 14, 2010

It’s 7:30 in the morning and I once again overslept. This has been happening a lot lately and its frustrating to say the least. I enjoy working out but can’t seem to make it happen right now. I’m trying not to beat myself up about it, but easier said than done.

I haven’t really talked about it (except for in passing), but I continue to learn more about intuitive eating and put it into practice.  One thing the books all say is that weight loss needs to go on the back burner.  That it will happen naturally once I have conquered intuitive eating.  And right or wrong, I want that. I don’t need to be thin by society’s standards, but i know that this is not my natural weight. But enough about weight, back burner and all.  😉 

Today is going to be a huge test for me. Those days where I don’t work out when planned (like today) are usually my self sabotage days.  My MO is to punish myself… usually through unhealthy eating.  And it would be easy to do that today. I have a work lunch at a nice restaurant. It’s always hard for me to stop eating when I’m full at fancy places because I know I won’t be back often. Plus, the food ain’t cheap and so its hard for me to let it go to waste. But one thing I’m learning through my IE practices is whether I throw it out or I eat past my fullness; the food is going to waste. Easy to understand, hard to implement.

Later tonight, I’m going out with some girlfriends to one of my favorite restaurants in town. You order a bunch of small plates and share and its very easy to over order, which then makes it very easy to overeat.

Two big tests in front of me today. I’ll let you know how I fare. But what I’m really wondering is when will honoring my fullness and working out become my normal?  Because that’s when I’ll have made it (so to speak).

*This is my first time blogging from my fancy new phone, so sorry for any errors!


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