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Self Sabotage

July 12, 2010

Nearly a week has gone by where I have not trained for my triathlon.  My tri is less than two weeks out and the nerves are definitely setting in.  I know that I can do this… at this point in my training, I have reached and passed all the distances of the race more than once.  But I’m still nervous.

What if the hills on the bike route are insane?  What if my foot (which I’ve been having some issue with) becomes a real problem?  What if I am the slowest person out there?  And so, I have begun my timed old tradition of self sabotage.  This morning, I “couldn’t” wake up in time to go for my swim so at 7:20, I decided I would switch things around and go for a run (which I did have enough time for)… by 7:45, I had talked myself out of that too.  Telling myself that I could go for a swim after work, which is going to be one hell of a feat since I have some mental aversion to entering gyms in the evening.  Self sabotage or no self sabotage, I need to get my shit together.  My mom is flying up for this, my cousin is taking the train down and I’m competing and finishing this triathlon… if I can just out maneuver the self sabotager within.

Wish me luck.

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