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A Update

April 28, 2010

I’m not sure what I’m updating you all on because there really is no update.  I’ve sent out over 20 winks since I’ve rejoined/reopened my profile with only one response.  We emailed for a couple of weeks and then it fizzled out as these things have a tendency of doing.  I’ve been winked at 3 times- #1 creepy old guy (50 something) with no picture; #2 creepy young guy who has all of 10 words on his profile; and #3 non creepy guy who lives in another state and I just didn’t feel a connection.

And I’ve gotten one email, but it was from a girl as you may recall so that doesn’t count.  So to say I’m once again failing miserably at this thing would be pretty accurate.  Oh well.

I’ve viewed hundreds of profiles and not much has changed since last time I was on this site.  Most men aren’t interested in fuller figured women… but there are men out there who wouldn’t mind dating a woman at my size, right?  So now the question is, exactly how do I find them.

There are dating sites tailored for overweight girls and the guys who like them, but something feels creepy, weird, and yeah- I’ll admit it… embarrassing about those sites.  And that actually makes me wonder about where I am mentally with this whole body acceptance thing.  Maybe I’m not as advanced as I thought I was?   Why does a dating site geared for woman my size and men who love them freak me out so much?

I remember the days when the idea of doing or eharmony was a taboo subject for me.  But they have both become so mainstream that it doesn’t bother me anymore.  But the problem remains- match and eharmony don’t work for me… so shouldn’t I try something different?  But is that different really a dating site for fat women?

I don’t know, but I’m looking forward to June when my Match subscription runs out and I won’t get duped into renewing it like last time.   On the bright side?  And it’s more of a barely lit side than bright side but no mind.   At least all the rejection and inaction on isn’t effecting my psyche the way it used to.  That’s something to be grateful for I guess.

And so concludes this update from the chronically single Roxy.

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