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A Fat Girl’s Blues

March 5, 2010

I am a huge lover of spoken word.  What I love most about spoken word is hearing a piece and saying, “damn, I could have written that” or even more, hearing a piece and being awed into silence.

My blog is all about sharing my feelings and thoughts with the world.  So on Fridays (but not necessarily every Friday), I will share my thoughts and feelings with you through someone else’s words… a poet’s words.

I’ll be the first to say, some of these pieces are controversial and some will be offensive to folks but all of these pieces touched me personally for one reason or another.

I thought it was fitting that my first selection deal with one fat girl’s blues.  After each video, I’ll share with you why I selected this poem and what it meant to me.

Funny enough, this has always been one of my least favorite poems by this poet (Georgia Me)… and I never took the time to understand why but in watching it today, I realized why right away.  I’ve never been a fan of black comedians who take stereotypes against our race and use them to get a laugh.  And it turns out, I feel the same way about fat poets who take stereotypes against fatties and use them to get a laugh.  Now, I don’t know for sure if that was the poet’s intention (to poke fun at herself)  but I think it’s always bothered me when and why the audience laughs in the first part of this poem.

The poet talks about how the jokes and snickering wounds her self esteem, then why include lines in your poem that promote the same kind of ignorant humor?

Am I being oversensitive or is it something that bothers other people too?

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