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A Peek Inside My Fridge

January 11, 2010

Rachel over at the F-Word recently blogged about the old adage: “you are what you eat.”  I read her post and thought “what does my fridge say about me right now?”  So I immediately got up to take a picture of my own fridge without any alterations and knew this post would follow no matter what came through the camera lens.

So did I see something unexpected from my fridge picture?  No major revelations but a few observations:

1. I live off of prepared foods… as in, I purchase things that are already in neat packages such as my broccoli on the 2nd row or the chicken that has already been seasoned for me on the 3rd row.

2.  Although my fridge seems full, I don’t feel like there is a well rounded diet represented in these pictures.  I guess a picture of my pantry would be needed but then I wonder if that would have made any real difference.  I’m starting to wonder if my diet is too one-dimensional…

3.  I need to buy more vegetables and fruits.

4. For someone who rarely cooks from scratch (ie. seasoning my own chicken or protein)- I really have an extraordinary amount of marinades and sauces!  (There are at least 2 bottles on that side door that need to be thrown out).

So what’s your take on my fridge? What do you think it says about me?  And what does your fridge say about you?  You can click on the pictures to enlarge them.

Thanks to the F-Word for this eye opening exercise!

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